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  2. Hello. I want to join the request for the Blender Nif Plugin 2.6.0. I use Blender 2.79b 64bit zip verzion and after inserting the plug-in I will not appear in menu the program import nif nor export nif. Please help.
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  4. Hi good day or night from Spain. It has been 3 years since I last requested help from this wonderful site. Pity that at least try to answer to my posts. Now i am involved in blending two different animations from Empire Earth 2 Art of Supremacy into a single nif file on nifskope. Both models show in game but only one animation works. The other model remain dumbly static. I know it is possible to make such mixture of animations, just lacking the nodes I need to edit in order that the model shows both (or more than 2) animations in the game. I would be satisfied with getting the nif rightly modified, I know how to work around and research by myself, and I know that just I must modify the index of the nodes, but I can't find myself there. Thanx in advance, I keep researching by trial and error... fauwolf.nifcache
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to know how to create a custom weapon with its own animations and position on the body (at least the workflow). I already made some custom 3D models with blender which use the animations and the position (on the body) of a vanilla mesh, but I would like to be able to make my own weapons.
  6. I also had that problem, but now i've got this one lol. I'm using blender 2.79, Using the .Blender Nif Plugin 2.6.0 Pre Alpha 0 Dev 4 - Nightly Build . Been trying to get to this to export for hours now. Not sure what's going on
  7. kinda have same problem lke the one from old thread here help?
  8. Hi guys, Usually when rigging a creature for Skyrim I will import a vanilla creature that is already rigged, then parent my mesh to that rigged object. However, now I am working with custom skeletons. I have found that I can rig my mesh to the custom skeleton in Outfit Studio then import it to blender and work just fine, but it is a difficult process since OS requires me to add every bone one-at-a-time and then paint some weights for every bone, otherwise it will remove the bones at export. Since editing skeletons involves a lot of iterative error correction, redoing this process every time I slightly adjust a bone is very tedious. So I'm trying to find a blender-only workflow. If I delete the Armature from my mesh, import my updated skeleton, and parent to it, it exports correctly and is rigged, but the rig is deformed -- I believe this is because (A) the skeleton is in a heirarchical parent structure, and (B) the bones are pointed end-to-end instead of each just having a length of 5 pointing in the x direction. All my attempts to fix this have either not been successful or have resulted in a failed export. So, am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to rig a mesh to an imported skeleton? Or is that behavior just not supported by the blender plugin? Thank you, opus
  9. So I got Nifskope for mac today to try and import old LU models into Blender. The only model that displayed colours in NifSkope itself was one, Bob, and after exporting to both Dae and Obj the vertex colours didn't show. Does anyone know why this is happening and is it a problem in Nifskope or Blender?
  10. Dear All, I'm planning on making a custom monster model for Skyrim but I wanted to first test with a vanilla mesh. So I test a mesh from Dragonborn DLC that is actors/dlc02/ashman/ashman.nif. My plan was to just import the OBJ form of the base body mesh into 3DS Max and do the basic steps. I exported the body as an OBJ and started. Here is what I did step by step: 1. Import ashman.obj (just the body of Ashman.nif from actors/dlc02/ashman/ashman.nif) 2. Import ashman.nif with these options (nif1.png) 3. Align ashman.obj to the vanilla mesh (they're both the same anyway) 4. Add Skin Wrap modifier to ashman.obj 5. Add Ashman vanilla mesh to Skin Wrap parameters. 6. Using Face Deformation and Weight All Points Checked, click convert to skin 7. Delete skin wrap 8. Add BSDismemberSkin modifier and leave it with Torso body part option 9. Delete vanilla meshes (not bones) and export witht these options (nif2.png) 10. Go to NIF, change BSDismemberSkinInstance->Partitions->Body Part to 32 11. Save 12. In Creation Kit preview left arm vertices stretch to infinity but animations work. I don't know why it's happening as it is just the exported mesh itself being wrapped to the original. I also have attached my NIF object. ashmantest.nif
  11. help

    Hi. I need to ask you a quick question. Are you available to answer it?
  12. I came back here to get some linux expert open opinon. I just want to compile and run nifskope latest on linux. your suggestions to me was that to buy latest windows OS, buy latest hardware with graphics hardware to run nifskope. latest linux runs smooth on my PC/hardware. So, I came here for other linux expert opinon. the method you posted to compile on linux with Qt Creator is too bulky. Already downloaded more than 2GB for 2days, just to compile a 2MB src code ! QT creator by default keeps downloading docs, examples, src, some nonsesne, etc. which I dont need. I will wait for simple better linux compile instructions with QT 5.7 there should be better way to compile on linux similer to this old link -DesiArtist
  13. You're not going to get any kind of response here, especially because it involves Linux. I told you everything you needed to know in the Discord, so I don't know why you came here. As I said there, try using Qt 5.7. Since you just up and left, I never got to hear if you tried 5.7 and if it resolved the issues. I do know that the UI became a little wonky in 5.9/5.10 (on Windows) which is why I actually postponed upgrading, but the guides were already written at that point. Also, sorry, but I was going to remove your executable link for multiple reasons, but it turns out that Google thinks it was violating the TOS for some reason. Anyway, the multiple other reasons remain so please don't repost an executable. If you could, take the discussion back to Discord, and let me know if using 5.7 resolved anything.
  14. I am attempting to import a .nif with a .kf file, but no matter what I do, the .kf doesn't apply to the skeleton that is imported from the .nif. I modified the code on to add some extra logging and it seems that it is looking for a controller on each bone, but can't find one on anything except the root bone. The animation plays fine in NifSkope 1.2.0a2.dev3. The .nif's structure has a NiMultiTargetTransformController attached to the Bip01 Root node and the controller specifies all of the other nodes as Extra Targets. Somehow, I managed to import it 3 months ago, but I can't remember what I did to make it work. If it helps, the game I'm importing from is "Digimon Masters"
  15. review nifskope_linux_v2.0.dev7_x64 I compiled nifskope version 2.0 dev7 for linux by following this procedure pros 1. able to compile for linux and able to run executable. cons 1. 3d viewport not responding to zoom, rotate up/down, 2. conclusion: not usable on my pc. my system: ubuntu 16.04 OpenGL version : 2.1 Mesa 17.2.8 let me know, your results, 1. does it works for you on linux 2. what features working and not working. 3. what is your system details/ OpenGL version. Thank you. DesiArtist refer to changelogs:
  16. Can someone please, in the name of Todd Howard, tell me what is going on?
  17. Well it now turns out that updating all tangent spaces actually did do something, i don’t get any error messages now. But when the item shows up in game it does so as a big exclamation mark.
  18. Hey Everyone, So I get an error saying 'Warnings were generated while reading the blocks - block (number) Tangents array size mismatch' and 'block (same number) Bitangents array size mismatch' when I try to save a nif that either i've made shape edits to, or made myself. When I try and open the nif file it saves itself as, it says that the nif is unreadable. Please help, someone. I am honestly at the end of my tether with this. I've tried updating Bitangents and Tangents, tried updating all tangent spaces, idk what's going wrong.
  19. Hey, i'm having a problem working with nif export in blender, it imports perfectly but when i export it it says this Image i've tried it with both 2.79 and 2.72 and same error occurs.
  20. You didn't reorder the blocks. The entire NIF is in an extremely bad order, but what is relevant is that bhkRigidBody needs to have a higher ID than the shape it's referencing. The Havok blocks work in the opposite order. The rigid body needs the shape it references to already be created and for that to happen, the shape block needs to have a lower ID so it is loaded first. You copied vanilla blocks, yes, but you didn't copy their block order. Copy/Pasting branches is generic and their visual order you see in the original hierarchy is the order they will be pasted into the destination NIF. For Havok blocks, you need to reorder after the paste since their order needs to be reversed. Reorder Blocks used to be part of auto-sanitize, but it can break various things regarding rendering and texture set swapping so it's something that needs to be run manually. I can see about special casing of bhk reordering, but I don't see any way to do it that won't potentially affect the block numbers of the pre-existing shapes/nodes which shouldn't be touched for the same reasons Reorder Blocks was removed from auto-sanitizers.
  21. Hopefully this is the right forum this time. Please excuse my rather limited knowledge of this software. I only use it to import weapons into Skyrim. I recently tried my hand at animating bows and getting them in-game. Ever since then, I am getting the following error when trying to import a "regular" weapon nif as a 1stPerson into the game: I have no idea what this means, as I neither have line numbers to at least look at the problem, or a NULL or hkObject value in bhkListShape under bhkCollisionObject. I have done this for at least 70+ weapons, never had a problem. My processes are written down and I follow them every time. It is only just recently that I have had any issues. As far as I can tell, those branches and sub-branches are all identical to the vanilla nif (minus the number variations in the objects they are pointing to). But everything looks correct. I think. The "you posted to the wrong" forum moderator I posted to before was at least kind enough to direct me to a possible issue, ie the CollisionObject not being right, but in this (and every) instance I do I am copying the vanilla. Never had a problem importing it before. I'm using the ebony battleaxe as my vanilla nif for this particular weapon. I've become aware from reading the forums that the vanilla nif's CollisionObject may not "fit" for the weapon I am trying to create. Possible, I suppose, since it is weird shaped. But this is doing this for every nif I use in both version 1 and 2 of Nifskope. Something is wrong, but I can't figure it out. The Creation Kit simply crashes to the desktop when I try to use the nif the first time. I would really appreciate it if someone with more knowledge of the subject could help, as I am dead in the water until I figure this out. I am attaching the files so you can try to reproduce the error. Thank you in advance if you can help. 1stPerson_sj_nevermore.nif sj_nevermore.nif
  22. I am working with a branch copied from one mesh and pasted to another. An issue that I have is trying to rotate this branch's mesh. It rotates just fine (thank you) but the radius of the rotation is HUGE. Is there a way to make the radius of the rotation smaller?
  23. Hello, I'm New to this type of thing. I wanted to texture something on Nifskope but when i downloaded the latest even the oldest versions i couldn't put it on my desktop and opening it without getting a dll error when i open it. When i open it again in the folder it works just fine. Its just shows me dll errors whenever i put the Nifskope.exe on the desktop and open it. Please help~! Thanks
  24. Ok so im trying to add new audio to the casting of conjuration spells (custom bound weapon spells) for the audio to be played when casting the spell (no loop), i cant figure out how to A. add in the custom audio to be used, its already saved as a .wav file thus useable and B where to actually add the file into, do i add it into the summoned weapon or the spell file or effects or what im totally lost. Also trying to figure out what i need to do to change the color of the conjuration spell itself so when its in hand and being casted its another color and not that typical purpleish color. Any help to shed light on these issues IN DETAIL would be helpful. Also the current form of the mod is an .esp file and if i need to edit it in other ways idk how to take it apart and edit parts individually, i started modding about a week ago and ive been stuck on this since day 1 trying to figure it out and ive gotten nowhere yet
  25. Hello, I don't know if chunkmerge works with animated objects, it was developed using static NIFs only. The source code could be found here: or as for deprecated ChunkMerge only: (within the ChunkMerge subdirectory)
  26. hello everyone. I'd like to know if I can find The chunkmerge source code somewhere?
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