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  1. Ah, my apologies I can't believe I missed that.
  2. First off all, I understand that Nifskope is maintained by a few folks here who are kind enough to donate their time towards the program. You are appreciated. Now onto the subject.... I am requesting the ability to select vertexes In the render window in addition to selecting coordinates in the block details box. I know Nifskope is not a modeling program, but does a mighty fine job of doing small adjustments to a mesh, and it's not too bad the way it is currently; but would be much better if you could select vertexes from the render window. All In all I just figured I would mention it to the folks here.
  3. So just an update, I found a workaround to my problem. If I take an existing NIF and delete all existing blocks and import my content into the bare NIF everything works flawlessly. Maybe a little more time consuming than blender, but hey it's all about what you comfortable working with.
  4. Hello all;. I am hear to hopefully solve a problem I encountered. I have been working on creating my own meshes for Morrowind; but I'm attempting a different approach. I'm using Wings 3D to create a model and export as a 3DS/ import into Nifskope. I can add UV maps with wings 3D and all the blocks end up in the right spots once imported. The problem I am encountering from what I can tell is in the header version/type. Everything else appears to be good. Therefore when I load the mesh in the Construction Set I get errors, since it is not a correct NIF. When I import my obj the header string becomes listed as a "Gamebryo File Format, Version" opposed to "NetImmerse File Format, Version". So is there anything I can do to change this? If I can get this resolved then I could skip using Blender and use this method.
  5. Yes very useful, great interface and easy to use. Built for a developers view point. And when I commented on camera being jumpy, this specifically (and only) happens with the A, W, D, ect keys. Mouse movement is perfect for zoom and pan. Figured I should be a little more specific. Knowing it's open source, I totally don't mean to push for anything. I understand how it is; well I will read more about the development process and all that good stuff. If I have questions after that is their a specific individual I should PM?
  6. I discovered Nifskope a month ago and began using it to skin objects, I always loved to texture. With the extra capabilities of the program I couldn't stick to that and began to experiment and study morrowind NIFs and learning to construct my own. I love the program, it is a incredibe. I wouldn't know any thing about models or modeling if it wasn't to Nifskope. As I used the program of course I thought of ways it could be improved. Here's a few thoughts and ideas. A zoom and pan sensitivity adjustment. The camera movement isn't terrible but a little on the jumpy side. Also, when adjusting your camera, and then clicking on the block list of another peice of mesh,will cause the camera to jump a little. Another thing that came to mind is multiple select in the block widow, for purposes of rearranging groups of blocks or possible to apply the sane effect to to several blocks at once. Such as update center, radius. Ok a complex idea: ok I have done some hack and slash creating with Nifskope and thought of a way to line of mesh, is their a way you could select multiple meshes and make them "attract" and possibly "center?". My best example is merging a handle with another handle for weapon creation. Also, multiple select in triangles, and being able to delete them would be nice. And lastly, after reading a few assholes bitch and complain in a couple post it was mentionioned about people helping with development, what kind of help do you need?