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  1. Hi guys, Usually when rigging a creature for Skyrim I will import a vanilla creature that is already rigged, then parent my mesh to that rigged object. However, now I am working with custom skeletons. I have found that I can rig my mesh to the custom skeleton in Outfit Studio then import it to blender and work just fine, but it is a difficult process since OS requires me to add every bone one-at-a-time and then paint some weights for every bone, otherwise it will remove the bones at export. Since editing skeletons involves a lot of iterative error correction, redoing this process every time I slightly adjust a bone is very tedious. So I'm trying to find a blender-only workflow. If I delete the Armature from my mesh, import my updated skeleton, and parent to it, it exports correctly and is rigged, but the rig is deformed -- I believe this is because (A) the skeleton is in a heirarchical parent structure, and (B) the bones are pointed end-to-end instead of each just having a length of 5 pointing in the x direction. All my attempts to fix this have either not been successful or have resulted in a failed export. So, am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to rig a mesh to an imported skeleton? Or is that behavior just not supported by the blender plugin? Thank you, opus
  2. The gargoyle hitbox is pretty terrible. Is it possible to add extra bounding boxes to a skeleton for more complex hit detection? And ideally is it possible to bind these to certain bones, so that they move as the creature animates? I was able to add a BSBoundBox to the Head node, and it doesn't crash! But it doesn't seem like it works in-game. Hard to debug though since I can't see the boxes in-game. Pics attached of the vanilla skeleton and my modified one, hitboxes are red.
  3. I wrote the following extra information about the problem. But, then I tried testing some more cases, and the problem seems to have partly disappeared. It still occurs when I load a saved .Blend file that already had the issue, but it is no longer occurring for any newly-imported Nifs. Even when I test the exact cases that I tested with last night. Maybe I imported those files before fixing the naming issue, and that caused some data to be lost? I know the bone names are used for indexing, so it's possible. But I could've sworn I did a bunch of testing after fixing the naming issue...idk. In any case, here is what I wrote before. I'm not sure how much of it is true anymore, but I'll publish it for the record. --- I've figured out an easy way to avoid this problem (and I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it before). If you merge all of the objects into a single mesh with CTRL+J, it will export the bone data correctly. (The NiTriShapes will be grouped under a single NiNode, which causes CTD in-game, but that is easily fixed by parenting the NiTriShapes directly to the root node and deleting the extra NiNode.) So from this, I am concluding that the issue only occurs when the Object Export protocols need to be used. When it is only an Armature Export there is no issue. This is supported by the fix I found for the other issue (bone naming during export). I now realize that the renaming issue occurs in similar circumstances as this rotation issue -- only when exporting a blend file containing multiple separate meshes that haven't been joined. The fix for this was in the get_bone_name_for_nif function. Running a findstr command, I see that this function is called from 6 places; examining all 6 places, they are all used strictly for indexing purposes (which only need to be internally consistent to work) except for a single call from object_export.py, which saves the value into a variable for export into the Nif. Since the naming error occurs in similar circumstances as rotation error, I believe that the rotation error probably also stems from object_export.py or a function that it uses. Unfortunately I don't think I will be able to identify the exact issue in the code, since linear algebra isn't my strong point.
  4. Thanks! I've got some more info for you. (Turns out this only happens when multiple objects were imported, just like the rotation issue.) I've included links to some test files, but it might be a good idea for you to download and reupload so they don't get deleted next time I clean my Drive folder. Overview: When exporting armatures after importing multiple Nifs, the Left vs Right versions of many bones (vertex groups) are named incorrectly Context: When exporting armatures after importing multiple Nifs, the Left vs Right versions of many bones (vertex groups) are named incorrectly (missing a space after the L/R). This causes CTD in-game. It can be fixed in NifSkope but is quite tedious since there are several dozen bones in most models. Platform: Tested on Windows 10 64bit Steps to reproduce: (1) Import troll.nif (2) Import iciclethinstrip.nif (3) Select only the troll mesh (4) Export with settings Game: Skyrim, Flatten Skin: Yes, Max Partition Bones: 60 Expected Result: Vertex group in Blender: "NPC Thigh [Thg].L" Bone name in Nif: "NPC L Thigh [LThg]" Actual Result: Vertex group in Blender: "NPC Thigh [Thg].L" Bone name in Nif: "NPC LThigh [LThg]" Usually there is just a missing space in the prefix, but sometimes the misnaming is more complicated. For example, I've seen "NPC LThigh [LRThg]". But the more complicated issue is uncommon and I don't know how to reproduce it. Nif Files: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2wPGNsvl1vWTVR5SlJoamdKaHM?usp=sharing Additional Information: This occurs in the same situations as another issue, in which all bone rotations are lost during export if multiple files were imported. (See separate bug report)
  5. NifTools 2.6.0 Dev 4 (from June 18th 2016), with the following changes to fix armature export: https://github.com/niftools/blender_nif ... /252/files viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6700 Blender 2.78c Skyrim I mentioned this in my last post (about bone names) but since I solved that one, I think I should post a separate thread for this. In certain situations, all bones have a rotation of 0,0,-90 after exporting, regardless of their original value. This causes the meshes to appear terribly deformed in-game. It seems to only happen if multiple meshes were imported into a file, but behaves strangely: Importing Troll.nif then immediately exporting is successful. Importing Troll.nif then IcicleThinStrip.nif, then exporting only the troll, fails to export bone rotations. Importing Troll.nif then IcicleThinStrip.nif, merging them, deleting the icicle trishape, then exporting, is successful. Importing Troll.nif then IcicleThinStrip.nif, merging them, deleting the troll, then exporting, fails to export bone rotations. This makes it impossible add parts of other meshes to the troll AFAIK, since it will ruin your rigging. Which is strange, since I've done this successfully with the Frost Giant mesh before. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. edit: I've had some luck with copying the mesh components into separate blender files before exporting. Not an ideal solution but it has worked so far.
  6. Alright, I looked through the code and found the naming issue and FIXED IT I just don't know how to use github so I'll post the explanation here. In file io_scene\nif_common.py In function get_bone_name_for_nif Replace: name = name.replace("NPC ", "NPC L") With: name = name.replace("NPC ", "NPC L ") This should be on two lines (176 and 181 for me). The rotation is still a problem, but at least now you can splice the NiSkinInstance into a working Nif.
  7. NifTools 2.6.0 Dev 4 (from June 18th 2016), with added changes from this commit to fix the armature export: https://github.com/niftools/blender_nif_plugin/pull/252/files Blender 2.78c Skyrim Not sure if this is a bug or I'm doing something wrong. When exporting armatures the Left vs Right versions of many bones (vertex groups) are named incorrectly (missing a space after the L/R). This causes CTD in-game. It can be fixed in NifSkope but is quite tedious since there are several dozen bones in most models. Example: Vertex group in Blender: "NPC Thigh [Thg].L" Bone name in original Nif: "NPC L Thigh [LThg]" Bone name in exported Nif: "NPC LThigh [LThg]" Sometimes the misnaming is more complicated. I've seen "NPC LThigh [LRThg]" note the extra R. But it doesn't usually happen so maybe there are some very specific circumstances to cause it. Does anyone know how to fix/prevent this? I know armatures are a low priority but even if you can just point me to a relevant commit that I can edit into the plugin myself, I'd be very grateful. EDIT: I've also discovered another problem with the skeleton export. It seems that the Rotation is set to 0,0,-90 for every bone, which causes the armature to be terribly deformed in-game. Not sure if these problems were caused by the edits that I applied from those git commits, or if they're an actual issue in the latest version of the plugin. In any case the plugin is unusable for armatures without those edits so I can't take them out. I might try diving into the code but I feel like I will probably just get lost
  8. I have 26 dragon meshes and, for some reason, god rays work perfectly on 24 of them but don't work on the other two: Basically they end up with a tractor beam that (1) isn't shaped like the dragon (2) appears both above and below instead of only below (3) is way too dark. I've messed with all of the flags in BSLightingShaderProperties to no avail. Does anybody know what part of the mesh controls / interacts with god rays? Here are two of my meshes for example (the Arcane Dragon works but the Lava Dragon does not): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B6WzA7G2pDLAZVBzZ1dsOFlrOHc?usp=sharing
  9. Figured out that the references are in nodes 131, 135, 142, and 157. I wish I knew of a way to search for these efficiently though.
  10. [skyrim] I need to find the reference(s) to /textures/effects/gradients/gradfirestream02.dds in the mesh /meshes/magic/magdragonfire01.nif. Is there any way to search the Nif file for references to this texture? I've tried looking manually but I've only found references to /textures/effects/VaporTileNormal_n.dds in node 110. Here's a link to the Nif
  11. Unfortunately that didn't do the trick, still the same error. I've opened up a new thread because the error went away for several hours after upgrading to the newest Blender and Plugin versions, but then reverted to its original broken state: http://niftools.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=6346
  12. First off, sorry that this is kind of a duplicate of this post, but that one was very old and more details have come to light. I was unable to export NIFs that contain a skeleton due to an error complaining about "Some polygons of <> not assigned to any body part. The unassigned polygons have been selected in the mesh so they can easily be identified." All attempts to fix this failed, so I tried upgrading Blender and my Plugin to the newest version, and my problem seemed to be fixed. I could export all of my meshes, no error! But after a few hours of mesh-making, the error popped up again. Once again, I can't export any meshes with skeletons. I've even tested it on the exact NIFs that I exported earlier today. Import them, immediately try to export, get error message. All polygons have been triangulated and assigned to vertex groups for dismemberment (obviously, since I was able to export the same meshes earlier). It also doesn't select anything even though the error says "the unassigned polygons have been selected". It's really sad, because I just spent hours making a mesh that I was really excited to add to my mod. If anybody would be so kind as to export it in Skyrim format for me, I would be very grateful: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x2pshzgxkdgjbcz/parthurnax_antlers.blend?dl=0
  13. Okay, I will give that a try. Thanks Ghostwalker, and good luck with your future endeavors!
  14. Hi Ghostwalker, sorry for reviving this thread after so long, but I never figured this out. I'm not very familiar with Blender, but here's what I'm trying specifically, maybe you can point out where I'm messing up: 1) Select all of the newly-added faces with Face Select in Edit Mode. 2) Go to the "Data" panel of the Properties toolbox, look in the "Vertex Groups" subpanel. 3) Click on the body part that these faces should be added to. 4) Make sure the Weight value is 1. 5) Click Assign. 6) Return to Object Mode, select all relevant objects. 7) Export as .NIF with game set to Skyrim. It then gives me the same error, telling me that some faces are unassigned, and claiming it has selected the offending faces. It automatically returns to Edit Mode, but it has not changed my selection (I can set it to anything and it will still be the same after attempting export). To double check, I go back to Vertex Groups and click "Select." The faces I've added become highlighted, confirming that they are in fact in the vertex group. Perhaps Vertex Groups isn't what you were talking about, but I haven't been able to find "dismember weights" anywhere?
  15. Sorry! I'm using Blender 2.75a with version 2.6.0 of the NifTools plugin. I don't know how to get the log in text, but here's a screenshot of the error: http://imgur.com/00SDLZz