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  1. According to the repository at there exist Gmax plugins for the NIF file format. Does anyone know how I can: 1.Build that repository and get the gmax plugins out the other end? 2.Find whatever code you guys are using to get Gmax plugins to work without the official Gmax SDK from Autodesk that is normally needed to produce working Gmax plugins? (I see mention of a nifgmax.exe file and a winmm.dll file, what's the story with those, are those modified binaries or is there source for them somewhere?) 3.Find any other information that would help with building working plugins for Gmax without the official Gmax SDK? I am involved in a project where there is an official export plugin and an unofficial import script for a particular format and being able to write code for Gmax to enhance both the binary plugin and the import script would be very useful (I am already doing such a thing with the 3ds max version of the plugin but there are some people who are still using Gmax) Is this information out there anywhere or has it been lost to the mists of time? (or been erased via legal threats from Autodesk who dont want anyone making Gmax plugins without their approval)
  2. I dont know what happened but I turned on some of the debugs in niflib.cpp to see if they printed anything useful and like magic the output now works. (even once I turned the debugs back off). My guess is that changing that source file caused visual C++ to rebuild something which then made it work. So now bakerstable.nif works just fine with my code EDIT: I assume its normal that niflib will change the order of blocks between my input file and output file (i.e. in my test with bakerstable.nif, I see block 10 which is a NiMaterialProperty becoming block 12, block 11 which is a NiTexturingProperty becoming block 10 and block 12 which is a NiSourceTexture becoming block 11)
  3. I am definatly using the latest niflib GIT.
  4. Here is an example file that is failing to work:
  5. I am trying to use this code to read and write a .nif file (I plan to do some other stuff with the code later, I am just trying to get this bit working first) #include "niflib.h" #include "obj/NiObject.h" using namespace Niflib; int main(int argc,char *argv[]) { std::string str1; std::string str2; str1 = "in\\"; str2 = "out\\"; str1 += argv[1]; str2 += argv[1]; NifInfo info; Ref obj = ReadNifTree(str1,&info); WriteNifTree(str2,obj,info); } Problem is, I have at least one .nif file where the resulting output from my program will not load in nifskope (i.e. one I have found so far) What nifskope says is: ""array Constraints invalid"" "failed to load block number 6 (bhkRigidBodyT) previous block was bhkMoppBvTreeShape" I should note that the input .nif file does not contain a bhkRigidBodyT block at all and that the input .nif file does load and view just fine in nifskope. What is wrong with my code? Or am I bumping into .nif files that for whatever reason niflib is choking on? I am using the current sourceforge git revision for niflib as of the time of this posting.
  6. Hmmm, turns out there IS a demo of Prison Tycoon available, for example it is available here:
  7. So if I want textures for this game is it a case of "wait untill we figure out the new format" or "if you want textures you need to figure it out yourself"? Is there some way to dump just the NiPixelData to a seperate file so that I can examine it?
  8. NIFSkope says the Pixel Layout is "PIX_LAY_HIGH_COLOR_16" and also "MIP_FMT_YES" and "ALPHA_DEFAULT". In the NIPixelData itself it says "PX_FMT_RGBA8" If these formats are already figured out, why arent I getting texturing. If they arent fully figured out, can someone point me to which piece of documentation contains all that is known on them?
  9. Inside nifskope, I can see stuff labeled "NITexturingProperty" followed by "NISourceTexture" and then "NIPixelData". From looking at the details, it looks like NIFSkope is not using the texture data contained in the NIPixelData node. (even though there are clearly links between the NITexturingProperty and the NISourceTexture node and between the NISourceTexture node and the NIPixelData node. I have tried adding a bunch of paths (including the path to the main prison tycoon folder and the path to the folder containing the .nif file) to the paths dialog with no sucess.
  10. I have the game Prison Tycoon which uses NIF files for data. There is a string at the start "Gamebryo File Format, Version" If I open the NIF files in NIFSkope, I can see the geomatry for the buildings just fine but I do not see any textures (all the models look white). Is there something I can do so that I can get textures working? Is it a case of "the format of textures for these files isnt known yet"? Is there some kind of guide I can look into to figure out which chunks are the texture chunks and what to do to start identifying why they arent working? Would sending someone a NIF file from this game help?