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  1. Hi good day or night from Spain. It has been 3 years since I last requested help from this wonderful site. Pity that at least try to answer to my posts. Now i am involved in blending two different animations from Empire Earth 2 Art of Supremacy into a single nif file on nifskope. Both models show in game but only one animation works. The other model remain dumbly static. I know it is possible to make such mixture of animations, just lacking the nodes I need to edit in order that the model shows both (or more than 2) animations in the game. I would be satisfied with getting the nif rightly modified, I know how to work around and research by myself, and I know that just I must modify the index of the nodes, but I can't find myself there. Thanx in advance, I keep researching by trial and error... fauwolf.nifcache
  2. Hi, some friends have modified existing animations of EE2 using nifskope, even have adapted several kf to one and the same unit (to make a tradechart with animation different for human, horse and wheels). What I would want to know..it's possible to create completely new animations via nifskope, for example changing the data for the bones affected and for instance replacing rotation in the different nif blocks of an existing animation? I certainly intuit that it's possible, just would please to know how. Thanks in advance and greetings to Neomonkeus and Brandano!! Michael34
  3. I've attached a kf animation to a nifcache file but when i hit play the model remians static. Any way to fix it or must i export to blender to edit the animation?? Thanks
  4. Problem solved
  5. Problem solved
  6. I have spent hours developing a custom bedouin for my mod and now the model crashes the game. Please help! http://www.pasteall.org/blend/33989
  7. Its ok monkey i solved the problem another way
  8. Thank you Neomonkeus in the meanwhile a stupid relationship with a empty-brained german girl . Ok i will try to import animations and test and test and again test. Regards...
  9. Hi all, i would like a working export of kf animations for Empire Earth 2: Art of Supremacy in blender newer releases. Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone, i have exported a mesh (selected via A key) from blender 2.49b with default settings and adding polygons, among other options, and nifskope writes the error message: "Error: 4 invalid index(es) in block # 114 NiTriShapeData.Triangles". I may appreciate so much that anybody said me which are the appropiate export settings, or whether i have commited other mistakes while exporting. Thanks in advance.
  11. No thank you ttl269 that wasn't the problem, just i had committed mistakes when exporting into the game... First i set Empire Earth 3 in exporting settings instead of Empire Earth 2, then fixing little mistakes (for example making the texture 1024x1024 or setting correctly the game folder in nifskope) was much easier for i have exported several models before. Thanks anyway, but i still can't export texcache textures to tga or dds in nifskope
  12. All ok with this, but now i have made in blender 2.49a (with Pyffi, bnscripts versions etc as required) a 3d model of a camel for exporting to Empire Eath 2 (windows 8). Well, the exporting was ok but my new unit crashes the game. Please help me in this so i can add other new units on the future. I include link to file (Dromedar.nifcache): http://www.mediafire.com/download/svsiz ... r.nifcache Thanks in advance and btw we have still extant the issue with kf animations
  13. 1.1.3
  14. I am grateful for your support, but now i can't export the texture at any rate
  15. I have downloaded your version of nifskope and all the same it reads texture>export and appears in the dialog box ".dds",".tga" and apparently it saves the texture in the folder i have selected, but then i open the folder and the texture wont appear