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Max nif plugins and gmax

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According to the repository at there exist Gmax plugins for the NIF file format. Does anyone know how I can:

1.Build that repository and get the gmax plugins out the other end?

2.Find whatever code you guys are using to get Gmax plugins to work without the official Gmax SDK from Autodesk that is normally needed to produce working Gmax plugins? (I see mention of a nifgmax.exe file and a winmm.dll file, what's the story with those, are those modified binaries or is there source for them somewhere?)

3.Find any other information that would help with building working plugins for Gmax without the official Gmax SDK?


I am involved in a project where there is an official export plugin and an unofficial import script for a particular format and being able to write code for Gmax to enhance both the binary plugin and the import script would be very useful (I am already doing such a thing with the 3ds max version of the plugin but there are some people who are still using Gmax)


Is this information out there anywhere or has it been lost to the mists of time? (or been erased via legal threats from Autodesk who dont want anyone making Gmax plugins without their approval)

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