How to rig a mesh to an imported skeleton, without importing a pre-rigged mesh

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Hi guys,

Usually when rigging a creature for Skyrim I will import a vanilla creature that is already rigged, then parent my mesh to that rigged object.

However, now I am working with custom skeletons. I have found that I can rig my mesh to the custom skeleton in Outfit Studio then import it to blender and work just fine, but it is a difficult process since OS requires me to add every bone one-at-a-time and then paint some weights for every bone, otherwise it will remove the bones at export. Since editing skeletons involves a lot of iterative error correction, redoing this process every time I slightly adjust a bone is very tedious.

So I'm trying to find a blender-only workflow.

If I delete the Armature from my mesh, import my updated skeleton, and parent to it, it exports correctly and is rigged, but the rig is deformed -- I believe this is because (A) the skeleton is in a heirarchical parent structure, and (B) the bones are pointed end-to-end instead of each just having a length of 5 pointing in the x direction. All my attempts to fix this have either not been successful or have resulted in a failed export.

So, am I doing something wrong? Is there an easy way to rig a mesh to an imported skeleton? Or is that behavior just not supported by the blender plugin?

Thank you,

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